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explainer videos and animations

we turn problems and challenges into ideas, concepts and stories. we shape these stories into explainer videos, illustrations, commercials, social content and infographics in order to inform, educate, inspire, empower and impress the people. we don’t make boring content.



we solve problems clients are challenged with through motion — design, animation, illustration or interactive video. while developing smart content that adds to a brand’s value and overal seamless experience.

motion – design

we believe that motion — design is an essential part of a brand identity. our moving pixels and keyframes will unlock and inspire to see what is possible with a brand. motion — design enables a way to express and adds a purpose driven layer on how people interact with a brand.

logo animation

what’s better than a logo? well… an animated one which is part of a branding that combines all the tangible with the intangible and help shape branded experiences. we think logos should be a full stop at the end of a genuine story.

explainer / infograpics

can’t spell explainer without plain. we make anything but plain content. we produce images and illustrations that educates and captivates the targeted people. turning problems and challenges into ideas, concepts and stories & keyframes is what we do best.

broadcasting idents

a tv broadcast identity package is a mouthful. and contains a lot of different parts such as: logo reveals, name tags, bumpers, intro and outro’s. which is why we like to work with a certain style to tie everything together to make it stand out from the crowd and keep your audience on the edge of their seats.


the art of the unseen. we can remove or add anything to anything. be it removing logo’s or a pesky exit sign that nobody wants to see. we’ve cut, copied and transformed footage into place without anyone noticing for a long long time.