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branding — graphic design

we got the urge to create outspoken but genuine design for any type of project. whether it’s branding for a festival, corporation, small business, packaging or a social campaign. we believe that motion — design is an essential part of a brand identity. 

we like to collaborate with vocal clients to explore, imagine and define their future vision & goals. from ideas to pixels. ready to create spectacular images, launch bold campaigns and put static design into pixels and keyframes.


designing a logo is easy. building a brand is hard. a good brand combines all tangible and intangible that will shape the experience people have with your business. we think logos should be a full stop at the end of a genuine story.


it’s all about discovering what makes a brand truly amazing. a branding needs to be useful, understandable and usable. the purpose of the brands we build is that it will make every experience people have with your business meaningful. brands should make impact and be build to last.

branding in motion

we believe that motion — design is an essential part of a brand identity. our moving pixels and keyframes will unlock and inspire you to what is possible with a brand. motion — design enables a different way to express while adding a purpose driven layer on how people interact with a brand.

illustration — explainer design

as a high-end motion — design studio, we focus a lot on creating incredible visual content. we produce images and illustrations that educates and captivates the targeted people. we’re small enough to be fresh and flexible but also adaptable enough to handle large ad campaigns and big productions.

user interface

we believe that a seamless journey makes a great interface. we merge our expertise in motion — design, branding and UI design to create those seamless experiences in e-learning, websites, smart entertainment and interactive video.

social campaign

with our super quick, adaptable and experienced motion — design team we have created numerous of social campaigns for big and for small. we develop and create social campaigns from concept to completion. you can see us as an extended part of your social media team.