oh… hey!

we’re a damn good studio. an adaptable but tightly knit pack of creatives. a dutch collaborative studio with focus on branding, motion — design & illustration.

let’s be friends

we are — agencies brands startups scaleups creators clients partners friends your go-to creative little secret

over the years, we’ve indirectly collaborated with a sh*tload of forward thinking cl*ents in all shapes and forms. whether it’s a social campaign for a fortune 500 company, creating the brand-identity for a festival or design a flyer for your local shop – no job too small, no fee too big.

— hatched in 2021
— 52.1311°n 05.1127°e

a daaamn good studio… our studio is a creative partnership consisting of two experienced dutch creatives with a force of talented and skilled freelancers amongst our network of creators. we like to keep our team small and work with purpose driven brands and organisations with the desire to do things their own way. right now we’re probably working remotely on some key visuals, kick-ass illustrations, brand-identity, strategy or anything related to motion — design.

we’re pretty much up for any creative challenge.

it’s fine.
it taught us how to handle a-list clients on high profile projects with extreme tight deadlines or budget. it also showed us great examples on how certain practices should and shoulnd’t be done. we’ve also had the pleasure to attend numerous of meetings that could have been an e-mail. yet for some projects we’re still waiting on the huge amount of ‘exposure’ to come in.

we don’t mind working in the shadows.

we’re never

  • gonna give you up
  • gonna let you down
  • make you cry

we will however help to solve your creative problems.